Do you do consultations?

A consultation is the first step to every project we take on. We can sign NDA prior to this if requested and will set up a meeting either over phone or video chat to get better acquainted and discuss project goals, time frame, and budgets. 

What should I bring to the first meeting?

The most important information you can provide to us up front are the following:

  • Budget
  • Delivery Timeframe
  • Clear List of Priorities

This information will provide the correct context for every other detail we go over. Plus this information is nothing short of critical for the project proposals we’ll put together for you.

We need a lot of work done on our UI. Can your team scale up to meet our needs?

We have an extensive team of contractors serving different specialties within the UI space. We are confident that whatever your project needs are, we can scale up rapidly and confidently deliver a UI you and your users are satisfied with at the end.

How much do you cost to work with?

As each project is unique and has its own requirements, we take the time with you to create a clear list of deliverables and deadlines that help us assess how much the project estimate will be and if we are able to complete it within your deadlines.

What can we do to make your work easier (and keep your costs low)?

Definitely provide any and all reference up front. We are happy to include a Discovery phase in the contract in which we research and document your reference points (e.g. example screens from existing games, or your game’s own undocumented features). However, it still takes time on our end to do that, and so we charge for it. (Note that this is separate from the Consultation phase and would take place once we had entered into a contracted working period.)

Can you tell me more about your process?

The Key Concepts we work from are:

  1. Discover / Research — insight into the problem (diverging)
  2. Define / Synthesis — the area to focus upon (converging)
  3. Develop / Ideation — potential solutions (diverging)
  4. Deliver / Implementation — solutions that work (converging)

Game teams are diverse and unique, and we never assume that one size fits all. Instead, we work with you and your team to form fit custom solutions that work best for your team and your customers. We can work on your entire UI, or just a small part—as much as you need. 

Process development and game design integration require specific skill-sets. Our studio has the necessary experience, methods and tools to execute work from both of these schools of design thinking. Whether you need process overall or careful design integration of social systems we can hand-pick the right team for your project.

How do you stay on the same page with your client as you design & build their UI?

Excellent communication is key. We make sure that all parties are on the same page starting with our initial conversation before building out our proposal. Once we get to work, we stay in contact with your team so that you can see WIPs and have the opportunity to give feedback midway. We never want you to be surprised with work that is being delivered or feel like it was just tossed over.

Will you travel for a project kick-off once we’re ready to start the work?

Travelling in for a project kick-off is definitely something we can do. Feel free to let us know if this is something you’re interested in. 

Do you work on-site?

No, but feel free to ask us more about our work process and how we stay integrated remotely.